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I work from home and office - at home I use my wireless card (Sprint) and at the office I plug into the network. I am having difficulty with my wireless at home now. Can I set my computer up to ask me which connection I want to use each time I use my laptop?
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  1. no, you can't prioritize between wireless and wired - but you can prioritize wireless

    what did you do at home to mess up the wireless connection?
  2. Here is the issue with your request, if you don't have a network cable plugged in at home, and don't have the card running at work, why would you have to pick a connection? One of them is always not working anyway.

    You may want to explain what this "difficulty" is exactly.
  3. What kind of laptop do you have. Lenovo does have Access connections tool for just what you mention. You may want to check the web for your systems' apps. As mentioned above, what exactly is your difficulty?
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