Hello,I have an Acer Aprise, recently I am unable to reach any websites/pagers,

I have an Acer Aprise, recently I am unable to reach any websites/pagers, google, etc. No matter using a hard line or wirelesss card? I can read my e-mails, but that is all.
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  1. open a command prompt, and "ping www.yahoo.com" see if you get any response. It could be DNS or firewall issue.
  2. I tried that(Yahoo) and good and Ebay, all I get is an error message stating that website was not found??
  3. And Google
  4. Any other ideas?


  5. If you can ping, then DNS is working, so is either firewall or browser network setting. Did anything change(add/update software, hardware) before it stop working.
    What anti-virus/malware software do you use?
  6. Using AVAST for virus and malawarebytes for malware.

    Only change was the att air card - upgraded to 4 G, but have since deleted that prog and reinstalled 3 g prgram. Still cant web browse with air card or cable modem?
  7. Which browser do you use?
    In IE, goto Internet Options - Connections and see if you need to setup, or change the settings.

    Also, there should be a network connection icon on the taskbar notification area. right click on the icon and "open network and sharing center" and see if the "troubleshoot problems" work for you.
  8. Will try that and advise.

    Thank you.
  9. All,

    I deleted my Virus prog and installed another one, everything working like before.

    THANK YOU, for your assistance.

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