Samsung R700 Screen Flicker Troubleshooting

Hi there,

I know the screen flicker has been talked about loads but I wanted to get some help troubleshooting the exact cause.

I have a Samsung R700 laptop with a screen that flickers. So far I have checked all the connections to/from the inverter and into the graphics card.
I have also plugged the laptop into a computer screen which shows no signs of the flickering, does this mean that its not the graphics card?

I have just ordered a new inverter for the laptop as this is the cheapest part to replace. I just wanted to double check my troubleshooting and see if there is anything else to explore/test.
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  1. A flickering laptop screen is almost always the inverter, and the fact that an external display is not also flickering just provides further evidence that it is not the GPU.
  2. Hi,

    Well I got the inverter today and installed it. -
    The screen is still flickering >.<

    What are the chances a new inverter would be DOA? Should I look into getting a new lcd panel now?
  3. I'd replace the video cable first. It's possible it's just a pinched cable that is now damaged. It's also a cheap component to replace, and if it doesn't resolve the issue, then the display panel would be next. So, once you replace the video cable, don't bother reassembling the unit until you've tested it and verified the issue seems to be gone. Otherwise, the display panel is about the only component left, so you can save yourself some effort later just leaving it disassembled.

    And it is possible an inverter is DOA, but by and larger inverters just don't go bad all that often. That 14 quid price is a bit steep, so I guess it's up to you if you want to try another one or not.
  4. Hi,

    Just took the panel out and all the tape on the back holding the cables in place was lose... so I've replaced all the tape as well as unplugging and plugging back in all the cables with the new inverter and so far not a single flicker. So it looks like it was the cable. I will keep an eye on it for the next few days but if it returns then I shall replace the cable or lcd (those cables are almost as much as a new lcd on ebay) :O
  5. Also forgot to mention i found a sticker inside the case showing the graphics card was replaced on the 6/2012 so maybe whoever did that loosened those cables and caused the flickering problem... :S
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