card for old comp

what do you think would go good with an old system
1.1g t/bird ,kt133a , 512 pc133 ram , 60g 7200 HD ,
currently has GF2 GTS 64mb
this is only a back-up / loaner system
was thinking of something on the lines of
ati 9600's or NV 5700's
was thinking anything more would be a waste
whats your opinion ?
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  1. I think the card that's in there is perfect. If you really want a DX9 card I'd go with the Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB, but it will still be handicapped by the system.

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  2. thanks , after the post , I re-thought the same
    ( actually the gf2 GTS plays most games at resonable
    levels )
    will leave as is , as its only a loaner system
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