Doom 3 on 9600xt

Can I run Doom 3 at high quality with a ATI Radeon 9600xt 256MB graphics cards?

ASUS A8V Motherboard
AMD ATHLON 64 3500+
Kingston 512 RAM
ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB
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  1. You can run Doom3 in ultra mode on a Geforce5200.

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  2. You can run it on ultra on any card that will run the game

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  3. You might be able to run it High Quality at 800x600. I got about 40fps at 800x600 Medium Quality 2xAA.

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  4. that was my general point :tongue:

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  5. i have a 6800 lol i dont need to worry about fps. rofl

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    DFI Lanparty nf 2U
    512 333
    Thermaltake B 480watt.6800 128 Galaxy
  6. Wow Manhota, that's so great that you have a 6800! You should announce that in every thread you can find an excuse to post in.

    Oh wait. You already do!

    A 9600xt won't be able to handle Doom3 in ultra quality mode, methinks. but it'll do the job nicely with medium settings, which still look pretty damn good.

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  7. I downloaded the Doom 3 demo but when I try to play it, the grpahics are all messed up and my computer just restarts. I only set it on medium quality and 800x600. I have the latest BIOS, chipset drivers, video card drivers so I do not know why I cant even play the demo.

    ASUS A8V motherboard
    AMD ATHLON 64 3500+
    Windows XP SP2
    LG Combo drive 52x32x52x16
  8. my HQ 800*600 worked well on a 9600xt 128MB. Like i got 25-35 FPS (if u consider that well).
    Get the omega drivers. Search for the Doom3 definitive guide in this forum. Use the HUMUS mod and Forced AF is neccessary. Put AI on high (latest beat of omega drivers).

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  9. Me either... I have a similar setup to yours - Athlon XP 3200+, 9600XT (128Mb), (well, ok, CPU is different, but both on the 9600xt...) and the demo ran fine on medium q, 800x600. Hmm, I have 1gig of ram, but don't think it would make that kind of a difference.

    Maybe a bad download? Or reinstall the drivers? or use an older version of drivers?

    I haven't tried since I installed the newest drivers (ran the demo through once and hung it up - doom isn't my thing)
  10. I have a 9800 Pro and sometimes I'm a little bit dissappointed that I can't play at the settings I want without some sort of compromise. If I want 1024x768/High Quality then I have to turn off VSync, and framerates can still get choppy.

    The biggest performance factor in Doom is resolution and VSync. As always, antialiasing also causes a huge performance hit, but a lot of people aren't using it in Doom because it doesn't make a huge difference, although it does make the railings look a lot nicer at 4x or higher. I get a 33% performance increase with VSync turned off, but the occasional "tearing" can be ugly. There is very little performance difference between Med. and High quality, only a couple FPS in my experience, but also there is the sound shader diversity which is probably more important if you play with 5.1 sound turned up loud. I have the smoothest gameplay at 800x600, high quality, VSync on, no AA.

    I gained about 0.9 FPS with the Humus mod, but it was simple enough to do and it's still an improvement. I have yet to install CCC 4.10, and I'm wondering what kind of performance increase I can squeeze out of my 9800. Maybe I'll try it tonight if I'm bored.

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  11. Yep no problems here, 1280x1024 @ medium on OC'd R9600Pro with an XP2000+ (running as 2100+).

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  12. is that 6800 an ultra? if not, then who cares about your card?
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