What happens when there is horizontal line on your laptops screen

i was using my ACER aspire 4730Z laptop from past 3 years. but suddenly one day a horizontal line seems to appear on screen going from right to left or either left to right. before going to ACER service center. I thought may be i get some suggestion from there which could help me .
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  1. Is this line on everything(all the time), or just in some applications? Does the line move around or is it in the same place? It could be the lcd screen or the video card. Have you tried hooking up an external monitor? Are your video drivers up to date?
  2. Might be as simple as the video cable starting to fail. Pretty cheap fix. Or the GPU starting to fail, which means buy another laptop.
  3. As scannall said... and it can also means broken LCD..

    It will better to go to service center...
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