Problems with video card upgrade

I'm having problems with my video card upgrades on two computers:

I replaced two GE2 TI 500 cards with two GE FX5900XTs. They are both Win98SE so I set the drivers to the standard VGA drivers. Then I removed the old nVidia drivers. Powered down and swapped the cards. Then I powered up and installed the newest nVidia drivers.

My issue is with some games, games like Dungeon Siege and Star Wars:Galactic Battlegrounds will crash with a Windows exception error when starting. Other games (the newer ones) work fine. I tried reloading the drivers, updating DirectX, and deleting and reinstalling the games. I'm totally stumped now.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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  1. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Whenever you're troubleshooting, post your full system specs with your question. This may seem like a problem with your video cards, but it could be a conflict somewhere else too. Are the two systems identical?
  3. Welcome to the world of Windows 98.

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  4. What PSU are you using with those 2 cards?

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