Lightest weighing bluray?

Hi, my budget is $800-900 and hoping to find the lightest possible laptop with Blu-ray. Another preference would be, smaller the size the better. Those are my top concerns I dont care about any other specs, as they probly will be adequate. Carrying it with books just makes my bag so freakin heavy. Sony VAIO claimed to have the lightest but pricey. Are there any others?
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  1. Lightweight computers tend to be expensive because.... they are designed to be light. The lightest laptop I could find with a BR drive is the SONY VAIO SE Series VPCSE25FX/B for $890.
  2. Actually, if I was in the market for a laptop right now I would consider that Sony laptop. But I could care less about the BR drive.
  3. Just wanted to update on what I found and ordered.

    My last laptop that was broken. It did not have a drive, looking for drivers online was a hassle, and I wanted to be able to play movies anywhere. I think this laptop was a great deal for $649, well under my original budget. It wasnt the lightest but oh well its average. Backlit keyboard is sweet! UPS should be here today with it :)

    Jaguar thanks for looking for me. From that I looked at the other Vaio's.
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