Good laptop for work and light gaming?

So, I'm looking to invest in a new laptop as I will be starting a new job at a social media company, and my current mini-laptop is frustratingly slow.

I want to keep the price down a bit, as it will be solely for work related things (Microsoft Office, web browsing) and VERY light gaming (At the most-Magic: The Gathering Online and MAYBE Team Fortress 2).

I've heard good things about Sony Vaio's. Here's one I found at a decent price.

Would like to know if it's good. Want to try to keep the price at/under/near $500.
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  1. These might be a little over your budget but I've looked at hundreds of laptops in the last few days in the £500 price range, here's the thread I started (The links are on the thread, click on the names of the laptops)
  2. Tiny url link didn't work for some reason
  3. I have heard great things about Lenovo's. My good friend got one for his bday and never looked back, so I'll consider it.
  4. Also do keep in mind that, with the conversion rate, 500 pounds would be very much out of my budget.
  5. Asus book w/A6-3420m is $350; gets you basically a 4-core phenom 2, and can run all but the most demanding games w/good framerates at med-low settings....way stonger APU than the E-series in the sony, and the Asus book is a higher quality build than the Vaio, imo.

    ...With everything turned down @ it's native res of 1366x768, it can even pull off crysis around 35 fps.

    That price would leave enough in your budget to slap a 120gb SSD in (and maybe put the 320gb in an optical bay adapter) and bump the memory to 8gb, which is what I did :)

    have fun!
  6. That beautiful. Is 8 gb of ram even necessary? Heck, I don't even need to have my games in full HD. Beautiful piece of advice. Unfortunately, I have noooo clue how to put in an optical bay adapter or an SSD. I probably wouldn't need the SSD, as I don't plan on installing many games at all to it (once you have a 2k desktop and game on that, it's really hard to do anything less).
  7. hey man, whatever floats your boat :). There's tutorials on youtube and everywhere for ssd's and hdd in optical bay adapters if you ever decide to do that.

    I run several VM's on the latop, so 8gb is a necessity for me. It definitely isn't necessary for most people. Since it uses shared memory, if you had 8gb there would still be 4+ gb left to the system after alotting 1 - 1.5 to the GPU, and windows grabbing its share.

    ....but even bone stock, it's amazing for it's price.

    It'll easily handle TF2.

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