What is a decent low end card for a Linux box?

I have recently completed a major over haul of my PC, and I seem to have a lot of spare parts, hard drives, a CD-ROM old super 7 MB with processor and RAM, old Santa Cruz sound card; its time to build a LINUX box. Problem is, I don’t want to spend much money and I need a video card. I have a 4x AGP slot on the board. I haven’t used Linux in years and have no idea what will and won’t work with it. The computer will probably end up being rigged as a firewall/file server, so I’ll really just need enough power to run XWindows, any suggestions?
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  1. Considering Nvidia has better drivers for linux, go in for a geforce card. Something like a geforce 4 or geforece fx 5600 etc.

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  2. Get a cheap GeForce4 MX.

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  3. There were no Socket 7 boards with AGP4x. You'll have to use an AGP2x card, or better yet, just toss in some old worthless PCI card. I've thrown away dosens of them.

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