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Hi, I'm looking to buy an Ultrabook, and I wanted to know if there were any to avoid or any that are superior. I'm looking at under $1000. I found the Dell XPS 13 at $999, which seems like a decent price. I won't do much gaming on it, as I have a HP dv6 for that. I just need it to take with me places. Any suggestions and opinions welcome!
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    kurtj91 said:

    Under $1000.

    Get this one and you're good to go. I highly recommend it.

    Dell XPS 13

    Overpriced. Not bad, but there are better options out there.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Is there any difference between the Dell and the Acer, besides the processor? I was able to find the Dell for $979, on Amazon, so no shipping or tax, which wouldn't be quite as bad as the Dell site. Are there major concerns with the XPS 13 ultrabook, or just Dell's reputation? I'm not going HP again after my dv6 disaster.
  3. kurtj91 said:
    Is there any difference besides the processor?

    Better display, better power management (has better battery, works longer without recharging because of the Ivy Bridge, which consumes quite less energy), better sound, better design and looks, better price.
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  5. Hello I hope that this will help you decide which ultrabook to buy. Check this site there are different kind of ultrabooks from different manufacturer you can choose, all of those ultrabooks are under $1000.
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