New Graphics card help, advice needed

its been a long time :-)

The situation is this...I'm not sure currently how much of the graphics load is handled by the processor and dont really want to buy a new motherboard and processor unless it provides a serious kick over what I already have...I'll kind of fancy a new graphics card though...

What I have currently: Abit NF7-S nforce ultra 400 motherboard with Athlon XP2800 (Tbred) 1 gig of 3200 DDR and a Hercules prophet Radeon R9700 Pro.

Graphics card I fancy is: HIS 256Mb Excalibur Radeon X800-Pro ViVo ICEQ-II Platinum.

Updated motherboard and CPU under consideration is:MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (socket 939) nforce3 ultra and a AMD Athlon 64 3500 Newcastle core...

opinions please, its been a while and I'm not up with the current stuff...

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Buy a 6800GT.

    I dont mean so make such a simple post, but check out how close they are in price(in your area) and the GT performs a lot better in most games.

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  2. Well what attracts me to the HIS is two things...first the soft modability for the extra pipelines and clocking...and second (sadly) it is rather a pretty card (I know...kick me lol)

  3. How much graphics load is handled by the processor? Well, it depends on the game, really. Flight Sims and AI heavy stuff tend to be limited by CPU (Lock On), graphics heavy stuff seems to be limited by Graphics crad (Doom3).

    Your setup, while not the best, is decent and you'll probably see the biggest boost with a videocard unless you're a big Flightsim fan.

    The 9700 PRO is old, but it's no slouch yet. So you might be surprised if the X800 doesn't deliver jaw-dropping performance right away, especially if you aren't playing the newest games and at 1024x768...

    But if you try running unholy resolutions and with very high levels of AA, you'll see what the next generations cards are capable of. This is the stuff that'll bring your 9700 PRO to it's knees, and this is where you'll see the diff.

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