Why wont esata usb connection work with a usb connector

I have a Lenovo notebook with a eSATA/USB port however the uSB connectors won't fit into this port does it require an adaptor? tks
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  1. NVM.

    It looks like this right?

    Upon further googling, it seems that this is a powered e-sata port (meaning that it's a e-sata port but is designed so that a special e-sata/usb male end can also draw power as well as gain the transfer speed advantage of a e-sata port)

    a regular USB cable should fit into it... this is gonna sound dumb but did you turn the try the usb cable the other way?
  2. the exact model
  3. @ phornick you got 3 post for the same question close the 2 others by asking to mod
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