Tried to install ram on an acer 5742. Did not remove the battery. When I tried

I was attempting to add ram to my acer 5742. I opened the back replaced the old ram with new apparatus, but when I attempted to start the computer it would not respond. I could see the blue start up light come on and hear the fan, but the screen did not come on. When installing the new ram I didn't remove the battery. Can you help me?
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  1. Did you check the compatibility list for your laptop to make sure it was the right kind of RAM?

    Not pulling the battery could be bad, but I've accidentally pulled RAM from a RUNNING laptop in the past and had it work just fine afterward. (Don't judge... it had a bad fan so I didn't hear it).

    Have you tried reinstalling the old RAM to see if it'll still work? (pull the battery this time).
  2. Tried to reinstall the old ram and still no response. Can hear the fan and the hard drive, but nothing on the screen. Ordered the ram from an Acer dealer so assume that it is proper.
  3. see if the backlight went bad or your running on the ext video port and not the lcd. try connection the laptop to a monitor and see if anything comes on the monitor. you may have to use one of the f keys to turn the vga port on. if nothing comes on pull the battery and ac power and see if there a key stokes or a jumper to reset the mb.
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