Windows 7 64-bit sound problems

I noticed the front audio and microphone jack were not working, so I tried downloading a Sigmatel driver from Intel's support section. During the installation a message popped up saying my version of Windows was not compatible, and I thought "OK, that makes sense, I'm on 7 now." Well, now my sound is completely gone and I need a way to fix it.

Prior to this I was running Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit, and am now on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Following the installation, my sound was fine (except for the jacks) but now my sound is gone.
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    Try using Device Manager to search for audio driver, to at least get it back to where it was working before, if you have a restore point prior to attempting to install the Sigmatel driver try that.
    I don't have front jacks connected so can't check, but there may be a setting in the audio mixer to activate front connections, I'm assuming they worked before in Vista, if not they may not be connected.
  2. I managed to find the Sigmatel Audio Control Panel folder in my windows.old folder. That fixed the problem. Thank you anyway.
  3. Hello,
    I just installed a 64 bit windows 7 on my pc, but now i haven't voice any more, i've installed the latest driver of my 81945-pl but it doesn't make any difference. What I should do? plz...
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