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Hi, I have a HP Pavilon Entertainment PC, I ussualy leave the computer on for the entire day to receive calls on my Magic Jack, but one of this days my computers was just plugged to the AC and suddenly went off, so I tried to turn it on but the screen displayed a message saying that windows was trying to fix the problem but went off again, so I tried to turn it on several times without success, next day I tried again and started working, but just did it for like two hours, so later on the same day I decide to try just with AC cord without the battery, and start working again, then after 20 minutes I put the battery back in the computer and was working good, but then bammm, went off again. I was wondering if I need new battery, a PC cleaning or is something with the programs, can somebody help me?
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  1. Hi chikoflako,
    How old is your battery?
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