Windows 7 Does not recognize Nvidia Graphics Card

Hello all
Upgraded Sony laptop from Vista to W7.
Now W7 thinks I have a generic VGA card.
When I try to install a driver from Sony the S/W say's that the best driver is installed, which is a generic VGA driver.
Any ideas how to get W7 to see the Nvidia Graphic's Card
The PC is a Sony VGN-AR770 Laptop
Thanks for any help.
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    Your laptop does not seem to have any Windows 7 drivers, in some cases though Vista drivers work.

    Try these

    If that does not work, go to and search for a driver for GeForce 8600M GT as that is the card that looks to be in your system and try using their drivers.
  2. Thanks for the help I will try this out, Cheers MSOB.
  3. I downloaded the driver from Sony and it is now running the Nvidia Card.
    Thanks for the help
    Cheers MSOB.
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