will i notice a difference between AGP 8x and 4x?

my motherboard uses AGP 4x right now and i have a GeForce FX 5200 (not great, but its leaps and bounds better than the integrated i used to use before that) on an Athlon XP 2200+ with 512MB of RAM. if i went with AGP 8x in the future (lets just assume for the sake of comparison that the processor and RAM are the same), would there be a noticeable difference in performance?
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  1. Short answer: NO.

    AGP 4X isn't limited you card nor limits almost any card except maybe high end cards a little. Simply put... don't worry if your motherboard is only 4X because 4X AGP is not at all limitted your performance.(nor anyones really) A higher end card can be limited by an aging cpu/system/ram for sure, but not because of AGP 4X.

    The FX 5200 is what is killing your performance. It is a slow card! Basically if your FX5200 was an 8X model on an 8X supporting motherboard, your performance will be the same( if cpu/ram are the same)

    What would give you a boost is a better video card. Something like a R9800 Pro would give you a huge boost. And don't worry about your mobo only having AGP 4X. There is very little difference between a 9800 Pro in 4X or 8X.

    On your system, it would make no sense to step up to a faster card than a 9800 pro. Your gaming experience will be cpu/system limited anyway. If a 9800 pro is too expensive, a R9600pro/XT would also be a big gain.

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  2. The FX5200 can be better than most integrated graphics for sure, but there are two versions of the FX5200. A 64-bit one and a 128-bit one. The 64-bit is very slow while the 128-bit one is just slow. :tongue:

    <A HREF="http://www.ixbt.com/video2/over2k4-ut-1024.shtml" target="_new">This Chart</A> in <A HREF="http://www.ixbt-labs.com/articles2/over2k4/index.html#p14" target="_new">This Review</A> shows you how cards from 1999-2004 compare. Take a older game like UT2003. The FX5200 128-bit at 39 fps is alot better off that the 64-bit one at 25fps. But look what cards are in it's range. The GF3 is much quicker yet 2 generations older. And the GF4Ti4200 at one generation older is twice as fast. A used GF4Ti4200 for $50 or less would be a huge improvement.

    Also note that the AGP4X 64MB GF4Ti4200 is about equal to an AGP8X GF4Ti4200 128MB. And both are faster than many 8X cards and even newer DX9 8X cards.

    If you are not in the market for a new video card, then your basically stuck. You could try and make sure that in-game settings are set to lower settings. The FX5200 is a DX9 card(in theary not practicality), but if forced to run games that way instead of in DX8 mode, they will struggle. In fact, some games like the upcoming HL2, force all Geforce FX's, even the faster ones, to run games in DX8 mode because they struggle in DX9. And the 5200 is the bottom of the FX line.

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  3. well, my FX5200 is 128 bit. im <b>definitely</b> not in the market for a new video card right now, especially after i got my sound card (Audigy 2 Value...see a trend here, i go for the value). i got my video card a bit over a year ago (for my birthday), and i was desperate for anything after 9 whole months with my integrated "ProSavageDDR" with 32 MB memory...so im fairly happy with the upgrades i made to my computer, but i was just wondering if it was possible to squeeze out just a few more frames per second with a "multifunctional" upgrade (mobo) instead of only getting a new video card. i was even thinking about overclocking my video card just a bit without increasing voltage or anything and maybe, if necessary, replace the heat sink on it. but i figured that might be a little impractical at the moment.

    now if i had a job and out of high school, that might be a different story...
  4. I have a 6800GT on MB that is 4x AGP and its benchmark scores are very close to 8X--maybe a few % here or there, but very negligable.
  5. Your FX5200 probably wouldn't be noticably slower on an AGP2x slot!

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  6. Again, your video card is your weekest link. 128-bit is better, but still very slow by todays and even yesterdays standards.

    That card on an A64 4000+ wouldn't make for a very good gaming system. IMO, if you are a gamer, the video card should be your next upgrade period. Then mobo/cpu/mem when you can afford it. But a new mobo just for AGP 8X support, keeping your video card, cpu, and mem, would do absolutely nothing for you performance wise. Total waste of money.

    The FX5200 simply has to go to improve gaming performance. Those links I sent were on a XP3000+ system, and look how the FX5200 does in a newer game like <A HREF="http://www.ixbt.com/video2/over2k4-fcs20-1024.shtml" target="_new">farcry</A>. Now switch to a faster A64 system and the top cards (which are cpu limited) will space themselves even further ahead while the bottom cards would still perform as you see it.

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