My Gforce 6800GT and TV

Hi, I have a PNY Gforce 6800GT and I am thinking of connecting it to my TV for mainly playing games and stuff, so I was wondering what is the best way to do that and what i need for it. Can anybody give me any advice on this?

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  1. well, as far as i know there only 1 way to connect, that is via the TV out of ur card. U dont have much options there.
    But if ur tv supports DVI (very rare right now) u can connect via that. Or you can by a additional tv card.

    Also quality wise coomputer screen will look best.
    Ur card manual shld give u details on how to connect via the tv-out (s video).

    Basically i think u need to cable the 2 devices up. enable tv in NV control panel. Adjust the resolution and refresh rate.

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  2. Some TV's have S-Video (four pins plus a key in a round plug) and Composite (one large pin plus a grounded shell). Other TV's have Composite only. Very old TV's had neither, but your TV probably has a least Composite input.

    Your video card probably has S-Video output and a Composite "adapter" dongle so you can use either depending one what's available with your TV.

    Sound is output from the sound card, if you want to hear it on your TV you'll need an adapter cable with 1/8" stereo minijack (aka mini headphone jack) on one end at 2 RCA connectors on the other (for the TV).

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