Asus g73jh battery problem??

latly with my laptop pluged in it will only charge to like 80% some times 90% other times only 86%.

today i was going to unplug it and let it drain all the way then fully charge it to see if it made a difference. as soon as i unpluged it, it went strait from 86% to 61% and in the time it took me to log in and type this its already down to 47% is my battery fried or what.
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  1. ya i think its bad or something i shut it down and let it charge and when i rebooted it, it says 81% availible pluged in not charging ..... consider replacing your battery.

    so what happened did i break it some how or what.

    i did the thing where i let it die and had the reserve battery to 0 and critical to 2% (wouldnt let me go any lower) then wen it died i tryed restarting it till it wouldnt then pluged it in till the charging light went out and just now restarted it.

    i guess that was sapost to "reset" the battery or something.

    anyway it still dosnt say 99% or 100% fully charged anymore like it used to it just says 76% availible plugged in not charging but the change your battery warning is gone now.
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