How to track my lost sony vaio laptop

Lost my Sony Vaio E sereis laptop with my external hard disk - seagate . Any clue to find out the same using the serial numbers or do we have any IMI number as we have in Mobile phone..
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  1. Nope, nothing you can do unless you have some tracking software install on the laptop such as LoJack.

    Otherwise, try an remember where you might have lost it. If it was in an establishment (i.e. business), then maybe someone sent it to the Lost & Found department.
  2. Here’s a good idea for protecting your valuables and keeping track of your iPhone, your iPad, your laptop and even your camera, keys, luggage and passport. Two years ago, I found MYSTUFFLOSTAND FOUND and obtained tracker tags for a free global lost and found service. I put them on all of my valuables.
    It paid off in Rome. I left my passport at a restaurant at lunch. That afternoon, I received a text message from Okoban saying that my passport had been found. I did not even know it was missing.
    I called the number in the text message and sure enough the café where we had stopped had the passport waiting for me. I was so grateful that I had an Okoban tag from MYSTUFFLOSTANDFOUND on my passport and that the café was kind enough to take the time to report the found passport tracker number online.
    I can’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have the Okoban tracker tag. The passport could have been mailed back to the US Department of State or to my home, and then where would I be? Traveling through Europe with no passport or going through the hassle of getting a new one.
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