Lenovo Y580 vs HP Envy 17 vs Asus G75VW-TS2


Sorry for being so simple, I have NEVER owned a laptop before but my 8 year old Dell PC finally died on me on a trip from NY to VA. I'm an undergrad student planning on going to Med school so I'm trying to get a machine that will last me as close to forever as I can get.
I'm 25 (male) so I do alot of downloading (mostly torrents), no gaming but I do watch videos.

I'm basically looking for a powerful machine that will last a long time. I don't know much about computers but based on my research these laptops are top of the line? <<yes a question mark

I'm not worried about size or weight, I'd love a 17"-er but I'm not set on that

I"m basically considering the top options for the laptops such as
i7 processer
HD screen (1080 if possible)
great build
1tb of space (necessary?)

I'm not sure that, since I'm not gaming, if I have to worry about over heating or not, but I will be, most-likely using it close to all day since there will be alot of studying to do.

Now I've only started my search since last week but classes started then and I need a computer QUICK but I don't want that to stop me from getting a GREAT computer.

This forum seems to be the most competent so far so please help me!

uses: school, power points, microsoft word (papers), music, videos, internet browsing.
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  1. since your not gonna be using it for gaming you can roll out the G75 since it especially made for gamer and has an overkill graphic card for you, based on your usage a good I5 laptop with an integrated graphics could do the jop for you, the lenovo y series is a good match since you mentioned the y580, you could also check out the dell 14 and 15z since its is a serious multimedia laptop, and since you mentioned you like watching videos on it alot you might take a look at these models.
    - sony vaio s series (sv).
    - samsung 7 series.
    - asus N56VM and N55.
    - dell XPS 15z and 14z.
    - HP envy 15.
    - lenovo y series.
    all these models are solid laptops for multimedia, school and light gaming, and since you are looking for top notch build quality and durability since your going to use it for a long time most of these models are built of a aluminum, magnesium alloy or metal lid, palm rest and chassis, you may pick whichever you like, cuz its a matter of taste really.
    you may as will find a certain model that has 2TB of space along with a 32 or 64 SSD for cache, this will make startup and application opening alot faster.

    I hope this help ^_^ have a good day, congrats and good luck in school.
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