Battery or Charger?

Hi guys,

I recently bought a fairly new laptop (Asus K43S) overseas (6 months old). Love it, but then something happened just randomly.

One day came back from school, then tried to boot up my laptop, expecting to see my laptop charged as always 24/7 (habit). Then it suddenly stopped charging. I tried moving it around, the angles of which it is charging, and I managed to make it charge, but then I hear electrical sounds coming from the charger jack. And then I found out games would lag if I did this, which shouldn't happen since its a high end card and manages to run most games, I had to decrease all my graphics to get a smooth gameplay.

I have to charge it making the laptop slanted to push it, which is the optional way other than putting it to an angle. I had to have my laptop closed, and wait for it to show the green light to show that its 100% and I can use it. Then I repeat this method all the time. Frustrating when I have to do work. I have left it for about 6 weeks now, and done nothing about it, not sure if its battery or charger, and if its covered in the warranty.
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  1. If it's covered under warranty you can check with Asus, although if you bought it overseas you may have to ship it to where you bought it.

    It's probably neither battery nor charged but sounds to me like the connector on the motherboard is loose.
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