mount a folder as a drive?

I found a way a while back to mount a folder as a drive. anyone remeber how?

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  1. Yeah easy, best setup would be to setup the Virtual Folders on your Main drive say Primary or where OS resides.

    Partition a spare drive (or leftover space) as Secondary, then create the Logical drive volumes in there as needed and format to NTFS specifications of choice, 512byte for small files and 64Kbyte for large files for the best space efficiency.

    You then specify each of these logicals to appear in the Virtual Containers or Folders on the main drive, you can mount, dismount, create and format Volumes through the use of The Logical Disk Administrator.
  2. ... you did mean how to mount a drive as a folder?

    i'm confused .... LOL

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    If you mean CD image as a drive letter than heres one that works, I only tried out Version 3 from magazine CD but it does not go to well with XP however with latest V5, it could be good.

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    or maybe

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