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I just recently purchased a AMD 64 939 3500 processor with a asus MBD. I have $300 to spend on a video card. Anyone have any suggestions? I cannot decide ATI or Geforce?
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  1. so u have 300 to spend. Hmm...cant u gather another 100 bucks, bcos a geforce 6800gt will suit ur system very nicely. They range between 330 to 400, top good ones being close to 400, like the BFG and gainward. But if u want to stay under 300, then I think 9800Pro, or 6800.

    The price range 200-300 is kinda wierd these days if ur going in for AGP. Nothin much (I mean price worthy) in that range these days. 9800pros shld be early 200s.

    I saw Grforce 6800 ultras 128 MB ram <300 on pricewatch. Thats was very cheap but kinda looks suspicious.

    Make sure whatever you get has 256bit memory. Dont get lite editions or some [-peep-] like that. I wud get the 6800gt a BFG, gainward or maybe cheaper asus (unless that ultra card i mentioned is not fake)

    For PCIe
    new cards are out 6600GT, X700XT.

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  2. I think your best bet would be an ATI Radeon 9800Pro 256MB or 9800XT. They are probably the best bang for the buck cards in the $300 price range.
    With that system you are putting together I'd try to scrape up some more bucks and go with an ATI Radeon X800 or nVidia Geforce 6800 GT. Then you would have one mean machine.

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  3. maybe an evga 6800nu? got mine for ~$270 and it runs great.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> 6800 on newegg </A>

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