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hi guys , i need soem help over here . i wana buy an x800pro graphics card .. but iam confused between gigabyte & sapphiretech & is there a performance difference between the two brands ? one last question i have a fx5200 256mb vga , how many times is the x800pro better :) thanx
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  1. X800 Pro is practically infinate times better than FX5200

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  2. I would recommend the 6800GT over the X800 Pro.

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  3. Of those two Sapphire. The best is HIS X800Pro.
  4. thanx guys .. i got a gigabyte x800pro , and i got a total of 17600 points in 3dmark 2001se , is that good ? my system specs are as follows :

    p4 3.4ghz 800fsb h.t
    intel 865perl
    1bg of ddr memory pc 333
    120GB western digital hhd
    gigatbyte radeon x800pro 256mb ddr3
  5. not brilliant but good anyway. have no worrys.
  6. I dont know sapphiretech but gigabyte is really really Sh!t
    so i would go sapphiretech

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  7. Actually Sapphire's AVERAGE card is just as good as Gigabyte's AVERAGE card and vice versa, only Sapphire's Top-shelf products would be better. Gigabyte is a quality mfr, albeit a conservative mfr.

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