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Ok, I can find almost all information in my bios menu (pressing DEL after computer starts up) including CPU temp, power usage, etc, but I cannot find my graphics card. Can somebody please tell me under what section the graphicscard info is kept. I have an ASUS motherboard if that makes any difference.
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  1. What options are you looking for exactly? The bios will likely only have agp bus speed, agp voltage, agp apature. Your video card make/model info won't be listed anywhere in the bios. And you can't access the video card's bios from the system bios if you are wanting to change it's clock speed or something.

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  2. Ok, here's my dillema, I just took out my graphics card (GeForce 4) out of my computer and replaced it with a another one (GeForce 2) [Gave the GForce 4 to a friend). Now when I start up the computer, Windows doesn't even load. I get a message in the dos start up, saying that a config file in corrupst. When I try to reformat I get the same message. I had this problem before when I switched my CD-RW and all I had to do is go into the BIOS menu and manually set the new CD-RW. I wonder how I can tell my computer that there is a new graphics card in there? Does this make any sense?
  3. make sure the card is seated correctly , you can also try to reset BIOS , either by jumper or battery , then reset bios to default values
    also what version of windows ?
  4. If you haven't gotten it fixed yet, try to boot up in safe mode, then remove the video card drivers and reboot to install the new ones. The problem may be that it's looking for a GF4, and it can't find it.

  5. Lazicsavo said that it still happened after he reformatted his system so the problem can't be linked to driver files.

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  6. Your AGP settings are located somewhere in the BIOS- there aren't that many things you can configure. If your AGP bus is set to 8x, try setting it to 4x and reboot.

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  7. It says he "...tried to reformat..." If he didn't really reformat, and just tried to reinstall...

    You may however be correct. That's why i said it may, and it might be, etc.

  8. ACH! My bad. First mistake I ever made. :wink:

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  9. BTW, what version of Windows are you using??? If you can't reinstall Windows, then there has to be some sort of major corruption or some sh*t...

    Try to get back to your desktop, back up anything you care about, get your hard drive utility and do a low-level format, and then install Windows.

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  10. LOL! Happens to the best of us. :wink:

  11. Its solving problems like these that make you teh IT

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