Better processor or graphics card

Narrowed it down to 2 laptops really, unless you can find better ones under $700 with better specs

I'll be using it code mainly but I will play games on it, most intensive probably being battlefield bad company 2 and fifa 13, other like minecraft and pcsx2, should I bother to get the i7? I'll hope to keep it for 3-5 years and will upgrade to the max ram each can take.

I also realize the i7 can get faster ram, so maybe I can give it 1600 ram.. what do you guys think?

P.S I'll mostly be playing minecraft, so maybe the better processor would be good for that?
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  1. oh well, I can only use amazon and I'm not sure how to use those coupon codes on amazon
  2. but out of the 2, is quad core really necessary? should I just get the gt 630m with i5-2450m at $600?

    I'll boost it to 8gb easy peasy esp since I cant give the toshiba a graphics card

    like I said, I kinda want to run bfbc2 again and I know the gt 630m can do it, but I'm not sure about intel 4000 gfx
  3. ok I bought the one with the gt 630m 2gb one because it'll help when I'm playing old games at high res XD

    amazon because I can choose one or 2 day shipping and i've bought from them already
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