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My PC has been Randomly crashing the past few days. Each time it has been a different cause, and each time I tried the same reason and it didnt crash the second time. First time was when I was installing an update of Flash Player, it started to load then did a quick BSOD and rebooted. After rebooting I tried to install the update and it did it normally. The same thing happened when i tried to clear my web browser history, and it crashed. When it rebooted i tried again and it did it without a problem. Any ideas?
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  1. Which browser are you using, go to control panel, remove the flash player, downlaod and re-install.

    can you get BSOD code if it crashes again, if PC reboots too quick, check Bios for change to keep from rebooting on failure!

    Drivers and memory are main cause of BSOD, if you have a stable machine and only recently exhibiting this behavior after a flash update, fingers point to flash update messing with display drivers!
  2. In my case, my crashes were traced to a low voltage on the CPU as well as the RAM. I increased these voltages slightly, well within the manufacturers' limits, and the problems were completely solved. YMMV, but worth a try.

    My voltage increases did not result in any temp changes. System idles at 28 degs C, and runs at 40 degs C under heavy gaming (ambient 23 degs C) - same as before.
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