HIS ATI 9800 pro !!HELP!!

just got my new card a his 9800 pro and I get green squares and games like doom 3 have squares all over it. purple lines around some applications. I installed the lastest via 4in1 drivers and lastest ati cards and older ones. I turned hardware acc down 1. i have a 450w power supply, MSI KT4AV KT400 mobo agp 3.0 standard. I had a ati 8500 in before and it ran fine, got this one and the games got black blocks (doom3) and the w2k load screen has green squares. I thought about flashing the video card also. I need help big time before I go crazy
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  1. if it does this at stock speeds and you've not modified it then it's RMA time.

    Sometimes cards can be damaged through too much overclocking, maybe this happened to yours?

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  2. I will take a look at it with ati tools later on today and use the artifact detector and see what happens...
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