Which NIC is fastest?

I am looking for a fast NIC that I can use over a 100 mbps network. I am using a pheobe 10/100 card right now. Is there a significant increase in speed between manufactures or should I just stick with the one I have now?
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  1. I don't think that you will find that big a difference in switching NICs. I switched from a D-link to an IBM Netfinity (with an intel chip), and noticed no difference until I installed intel's newest drivers. Now it is a little faster, but it wouldn't be worth spending a great deal of money on. The only reason I upgraded was because I needed a NIC for another computer and got the Netfinity for $15 at work.

    I don't think you'll get enough of a speed increase (if any) to make it worthwhile.
  2. The post from Yoda is right; you won't experience much of a speed increase.

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  3. I doubt you will see a speed increase at all. The primary concern with NIC's is whether they will work correctly with the network and computer. Few networks actually work at the full 100Mbps speed anyways.

    -MP Jesse
  4. I very much agree with previous posts, although 3COM NIC's almost always use less cpu processing power than other NIC's, which helps considerably in server apps.

    If you loan a friend $20 & never see them again, it was worth it.
  5. The NIC does not make to much differece as long as you not use a very cheap one. Linksys and Netgear make very good NIC.
  6. I concure 3com's are the best. Fastsest is not the issue but less taxing to your processor is. The cheaper nics are much like winmodems and use you cpu for much of the work.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  7. Agreed most moden NIC's Tx about the same...

    However some AutoSense and sync better than others...
    I currently have a problem with a 3Com autosensing with a LinkSys hub... For me, I find 3COM's like other 3COM"S and 3COM equiptment. About all others Authsense on it...

    And cheap ain't necessarialy bad...
    Have a no name generic $9 10/100 computer show special and its a jewel. Auto installs and PnP's on every system(98 thru 2000) as a WinBond chipset, finds its on driver and autosenses correctly on every hub I've ever pluged it into( 10's and 100s) ...
    Money doesnt always buy ya a good NIC!

    Best advice is make sure the NIC drivers are on your system cd, and auto detect with driver on new install. Makes installs go smoothly. Sure beats keppin that floppy around!

    Been using SMC's for years and they're always included in Winows CD's, No problems!
  8. 3COM TX-97 vs TX-TM
    Does anyone know if the 3xp processor on the TX-97 helps since its about 30 bucks more than the TX-NM? Supposedly it relieves stress from the cpu.. anyone know?
  9. I have a few of those 3XP nics.... they're pricey, and I haven't noticed much difference. It only helps when connecting to a server that has a 3XP card in it as well. It only offloads the encryption to the cards, so the throughput is still the same as any other NIC essentially...
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