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I have the latest Mac Mini with 4gb ram.I am experiencing a problem with my Itunes.When I choose a song for the first time after launching the iTunes, or stop a song and press play after a while, it lag for about 2 secs before start playing from where it stopped.The same goes for my pod casts.

Why does it happens? my itunes library is about 1000 songs and 200 podcasts.

does any one with mac mini experiencia the same problem?does the 5400 rpm might have sometihng to do with it ?

Thanks you in advance!
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  1. I have the same situation when I'm playing music over the LAN to an Apple TV on the home theater system. It's just a side effect of one computer asking another computer to do something over the network.

    It sounds like your iTunes may not be using all the RAM it needs upon launch. Once you start playing a couple of tracks for the first time, the application is correctly utilizing the computer's resources.

    Try looking in the iTunes preferences and your computer's system preferences for some kind of performance settings. You might also try shutting down other programs running in the background when you launch iTunes.
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