Is it possible to hook up 2 router together?

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Is it possible to hook up two router together? I currently have a netgear RT314 and wish to hook up another router D-Link with printer server to the Netgear. I just want to use the Dlink print server along with the RT314 (I don't want to get rid off the Netgear. It is fast and trouble free for years.) At $70 after rebate I think this is the cheapest way I can get a print server.

Advance thanks for any kind of help.

My current system is hook up as follow:
Cable modem in RT314 Wan Port.
Sys1: Dual PII 266, 396MB, RT314 port 1, Win2k Pro, mainly for internet activities and testing programs
Sys2: Tbird 800, 256MB, RT314 port 2, HP Deskjet 890c (this printer is share with Sys1, and I have to turn Sys2 on in order to print from Sys1), Win2K pro, mainly for CAD applications.
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  1. Why not just share the printer off the computer it's hooked up to? I'm not sure how well they would work together on the same segment like that...if you could setup the D-link to do only what you want it to do i guess ya could.

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  2. Or actually, you can try to make one your default gateway (the netgear) and the other your alternate gateway. Just make sure they have different IP's , they probably come setup with the same default IP.

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  3. Could you please be more elaborated? Here what I want to achieve. I want to be able to print from my computer Sys1 without needing to turn the other computer Sys2 on. I had two options that I can think of:
    1. Buy a printer server wich is a bit costly over $100 and I am not sure it will work with my bi-directional printer HP890C under Win2K and everntually XP.
    2. Buy another router with integrated printer server such as the D-link. However, I don't want to use the D-link for my internet router. I want to use an additional router just for the printing purpose.
    Any other and better idea would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Can you just hook the printer up to the other PC? Or buy a switch not sure exactly what thier called, but to switch between which PC the printer is on. But you might as well just hook up the printer to the other PC instead of a switch since you have to hook both PCs up to the switch anyway.

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  5. you can use the other router as a print server, just make sure you disable all the routing functions, just use it as another switch. you really should look into a jet direct box.

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  6. Thank you all for your input and advice.

    It's too much of a hassle to hook and unhook the printer every time I want to print something from one or the other computer. Therefore, I finally get the D-Link DI704P and use it as a switch just for printing purposes. At least it saves me a couples of $, since a print server will cost $100 min.
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