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I've just begun work for a local mid-sized business (~12m turnover) as an "IT co-ordinator". This is the first time they've had someone dedicated to IT work for the business. They've always outsourced IT to a North West IT solutions company. That relationship continues but I think they've realised the benefit of having someone on site.

My degree (well actually I have to go back at some point and do the final year but that's another story) is in Computer Science and has mostly been software based. I want to move away from that and more into the kind of thing I am doing now.

My role has been incredibly varied so far. From Network admin stuff, to very business-oriented stuff (consultancy kind of) in dealing with companies who provide a Property Management Solution we need for one of our hotels.

Is there a book or a web resource anyone could recommend. Or any useful courses? I'd like to do CISCO but unless I'm going to specialise that way I don't think it's worth it. The MS qualifications might be a good option.

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  1. Google questions or topics and read tons of articles about the topics.
  2. the problem is with a it person you wear many hats. microsoft cirts and traing books do help. but there also things like inv control for the pc and software auditing and some computer security and furenic corces that help. Also data backup and large server backup. (talk to people at emc and hp they have free traing days.) with Microsoft get a msdn account. also look into in house traing to repair your laser printers. most times you need just a a plus cert and a few computer courses to be able to order parts from hp and other vendors. In house start with a software audit and a hard pc audit. there network software that you can run and it show what installed on users pc. not having licensed software can cost a company big in fines. Also have it and management start looking into having a set of corp pc images made. Also sit down with management and see what software needs to be run on most daily pc so that it when they need to replace a pc or it it lease ends can replace it with one that meet the company needs or be able to upgrade older pc with cheap ram or video card to save the company money.
    look into see if emc still has there disaster recovery classes. the biggest blunder most comp have is they have the backup server on site or too close to the home office. (when the towers came down the back up servers were in the other tower. I also seen collages that had floods that taken out all there servers as they were in two building next to each other.). one other pain for you is going to be to set up a few test rigs. (one to do burn in of parts/failing pc. ) you going to find it better to swap and walk and then burn the pc or gear that acting up on a test bench. then trying to stand there for 20-30 min waiting for it happen if it does.
    also with the test racks installing new os and software and making sure your system dont crash. (hp was testing out windows on there corp system it took the whole system down for a few days.) with any larger corp there not going to want to leave xp intll the last days. (was a great os for biz). windows 8 is not.
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