Good upgrade from Ti4200

I am thinking of upgrading my good old Geforce Ti4200 64MB card.
Can you guys recommend a good upgrade.
I was thinking ATI Radeon 9600 pro 256MB or 9800 pro 128MB
which one would be better among the two?
My budget is 75-100$. If the card is really good might go higher.
My main purpose of use is for games and photoshop.
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  1. I was also thinkin Ti4600 128MB.
  2. 9800 pro 128 MB is better out of those two. But u wont get that for below, say $150, that too tough to find. U might find second hands at that price.

    If you want a 9600 XT 128MB (which is faster than the pro), i have one for $100. But 9800 pro is better bcos it has 256bit memory etc.

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  3. Uh Uh.
    No go, showboat.
    Ti4600 is a dead duck.
    Get the real deal.Take the Jet up on his offer, or go get something DX9 ready.
    The 4600 can't pull off the stunts it once could.
    I have one shelved. I know.
    That lil dog couldn't poot 18,000 on Aquamark 3.

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  4. Your Ti4200 is still pretty decent compared to a <$100 DX9 card. If you don't move up to at least a 9800PRO, I think you'd probably be disappointed with the results.
  5. The only NEW $100 card worth upgrading to from your GF4Ti is the <A HREF="" target="_new">9600 Pro</A>. Like was said, the 9800 Pro would be a much bigger performance jump, but it is no where near $100.

    256MB will not be any faster, but if you insist on one, it is $10 more <A HREF="" target="_new"> here</A>.

    And you can get a free Newegg watch with both of these cards. :eek:

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  6. Keep your vid card, Untill you have enough money for 9800Pro.
  7. Some day, I will own <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> beautiful Ti4600.

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  8. Thanx guys. I was looking at pricewatch prices and deciding. Turns out that 9800 pro were 133$, but they are just 9800s not pro.
    Decision time. Priyajeet, gimme some time, I'll let you know if I wanna buy the 9600 xT.
  9. $133 bucks is a great price for a vanilla 9800.

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  10. Be carefull: MANY manufacturer's are releasing FAKE 9800's and 9800 Pro's using 128-bit memory interface:

    9800 Pro 256-bit 128MB normally cost around $190
    9800 Pro 128-bit 128MB normally cost around $150
    9800SE normally cost around $130.

    9800's are also supposed to have a 256-bit memory interface.

    Here's the difference:

    128-bit means 1/2 the memory performance
    SE is normally 128-bit with 1/2 the rendering pipelines cut.

    So the 9800SE is really comparable to the 9600 non-pro. The 9800 Pro 128-bit is really comparable to the 9600 Pro.

    If you can find a 9800 non-pro that's not an SE, you have a good card, the same as the 9800 Pro but clocked down only slightly.

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  11. Exactly Crash, and if he's been on pricewatch bargain shopping, guaranteed those cheap 9800's are the 128-bit ones.

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  12. Why would Radeon give out leases to scum bag third party companys trying to rip off kids?

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  13. Where have you been for the past couple of years.
  14. Why do you want a TI4600?
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