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I am looking to buy a new laptop or netbook and I am not sure whether to pick an HP Pavilion dm1 4110 or Sany Vaio SVE1111

The HP has a HD Radeon 6320 graphics card and the Sony a HD Radeon 7430. The 6320 says it has up to 1920MB video memory and the 7430 is shared. But when I look up information on the video cards, it looks like they are both shared. Is the 6320 video memory significant or is it a maximum shared memory? Which video card is better?
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  1. Usually, if video memory is listed as "Up to xyz" it is shared. If it's dedicated memory, it will give a fixed value.

    The 7430 should be a little better, but neither is that great. If you want to game with the laptop, keep your expectations very low, it's not going to be smooth. If it's just for general use, then it's not likely to matter which GPU you get.
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