A10-4600M w/ 7670M vs. i7 3610QM w/ GT640M

I've created two customized laptops through two online vendors, the machines have similar specs (RAM, HD, screen size and res, etc) aside from the CPU and GPU pairings noted above.
The prices are immaterially different.
I plan to use the laptop primarily for gaming - Diablo 3, CS:GO, and Civ V. I realize neither device will excel at this and i will have to reduce res and/or settings to accheive proper framerates, my question is, which pair will provide the best gaming experience? I know crossfire between the integrated 7660g and the discrete 7670m is somewhat spotty currently, what are the prospects of this being optimized in the future?
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  1. My budget is rather small <$900 and I am not willing to compromise on certain aspects - a 1920 x 1080 res display, minimum 8GB RAM, SSD or SSD+HDD, and the price must include windows OS.

    I think i picked two solid options within my price range, I guess my real question was rather speculative - I know the I7 and 640M is better combo currently, but the crossfire capability of the AMD pairing makes me think that when (if) drivers get optimized that will offer better gaming performance.
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