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We have finally gotten around to installing our ATI Radeon 9700 pro Graphics card in our computer and cannot get it to work. The minute we plug the card into the AGP slot the computer will not power on at all. We have a Shuttle AS45GT/R motherboard with updated Bios and AGP drivers installed and the system works fine with the old ATI PCI Rage Pro 128 card and all other components but not with this. We also have an Enermax 550 power supply which I am sure is more than enough. Is the problem with our motherboard? If not, what can we do for this?
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  1. Too many variables.

    Did you remember to attach the floppy-style power connector to the 9700 PRO?

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  2. Yes. Power supply attached to the video card. System boots up fine with a PCI card in the PCI slot but the minute we put the 9700 in the AGP slot...NOTHING. You push the power button and nothing happens.
  3. Try the card in another computer.

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  4. Maybe DOA, Try in a different rig. Can you even get into the BIOS? If so, lock the AGP bus to 4x.

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