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If you have one partion only which contains the WinXP OS, plus games, etc, and you do a repair of the OS with the WinXP CD, will the OS revert back to a clean instal state (orignal) plus keep the games you had installed before.

Does WinXP realy need to have a ram optimizing tool installed, as XP is supposed to optimize the ram itself- better than 98SE.

Note to Q1:
I would instal the games, etc on a separate partition, but have previously had trouble running certain games. Don't no why but they only will run if installed on the OS Partion? What would be the reason for this?

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  1. Q1:
    yes, all installed program after a repair install will be kept. Only system files are affected.

    if you less than 256MB of ram then get a ram optimzer.
  2. programs often affects the os filesystems if installed in the OS partitions. (not sure)
  3. ""programs often affects the os filesystems if installed in the OS partitions."" - not true, especially with XP wich keeps original copies of dlls in separate folder "just in case" ...""(not sure)"" - no you are.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  4. i'm quite confused in there
  5. maybe i meant about the registry settings
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