"access denied" error when copying encrypted files in DOS window

I'm unable to startup my laptop in normal or safe mode, so I booted with my Win 7 Ultimate CD, chose Repair, then DOS window. I'm copying data off onto my backup drive before doing a clean reinstall. Problem is that I can't copy off some encrypted files. I get "access denied" error. I'd like to reinstall today but hate to lose some critical files.

Is there any way to copy encrypted files onto my external drive in DOS?I've been using "xcopy /s /h /r", but anything encrypted gives the "access denied" error.

I have a backup of my encryption key so am hoping that I can use that to decrypt on the new drive... not sure if that will work, either.

(I posted this in the Storage forum and it was suggested to ask in this forum also)
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  1. Have you tried doing this with full Administrator rights?
  2. Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned, I'm unable to boot to windows and have to do this in a DOS window in Repair mode. The laptop is not on a network, either. So unless I'm missing something here, Windows Admin rights don't apply in DOS.

    I'm past troubleshooting why it's not booting to windows and want to do a clean reinstall.

    I'm just asking about how to copy encrypted files off in DOS mode without getting the access denied error.
  3. I thought that the whole idea of encryption and password protection was to prevent anyone from copying files or opening files.

    How about cloning the entire disk and then trying different methods of opening the files including keying in the correct passwords? This you can try on a different computer.
  4. Solution:
    A friend helped me take the laptop drive out and use his cable to read the data and copy it off, after installing the backup of the encryption key. So the fix was the cable and installing my encryption key on the 2nd pc.
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