Graphics Cards == Network Cards.. a Survey

What if your network Card could help with FPS?

I'm trying to make a network card that can do just that...

Visit my survey to help us define this product.

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  1. do we get a free one if we go to your website?

    <font color=blue>AthlonXP-M 2500+(12x200)</font color=blue>|<font color=green>Abit NF7-S</font color=green>|<font color=red>Kingston DDR400 2x256Mb</font color=red>|<font color=purple>NEC Accucync90 19"</font color=purple>|<font color=black>Sapphire 9600XT</font color=black>
  2. Quote:
    do we get a free one if we go to your website?

    lol :lol:

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  3. Um what you’ll toss in a Cisco’s router chip on there to alleviate the processor cycles denoted to packet transaction.


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