BFG 6800 ULTRA or EVGA 6800 ULTRA?

I am having a computer built by ZeusPC and I have a choice of these 2 at the same price. Any reason why I should pick one over tht other?
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  1. with blind folded eyes: BFG :smile:

    thats an factory OCed card - get it !!!!!!

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  2. Pira are you aware that the bfg card dosnt really overclock beyond the wimpy 375 clock it comes with.

    Honestly between the two, with what ive heard about the bfg, id go with the evga, it has decent cooling and you can overclock it pretty high, alot higher than the bfg, ive heard people complain about the cooling in the bfg and also the ability to make the clock go much further than what it comes with factory.

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  3. Well your right, the evga will probably overclock higher, but if it gets too hot and craps out on you then what?

    BFG might not have the greatest cooling but guess what, they dont have to. If my BFG card craps out in any way i just send it to them and they will send me a new one. Time and time and time and time again. Of the people who come on here the worst thing said about them is that they dont overclock never hear that they are slow or a bad card.

    I guess its a personal choice, but i would prefer to know that spending $400 on a video card, the card will last as long as i can find an AGP slot to put it into. Lifetime Waranty will last longer then anything Evga has.


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