AGP 4x graphics card suggestions ?

I've had my computer for a couple years and i'm looking to upgrade graphics cards without having to buy a new motherboard. Its an agp 4x only board, with a radeon 8500 aiw in it. I was wondering what the best graphics card i could is before seeing a significant drop in performance from not being agp 8x enabled. Cards i had in mind were the geforce 6600gt, radeon 9600xt or a radeon 9800 pro.
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  1. What are the rest of your system specs? A 6600 GT looks like its going to be the prime choice for that price range. Just don't forget that with that card your going to lose the A-I-W features of the 8500.

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  2. i'm running with an athlon 1.33ghz , 40 ghd, and 768mb pc 2100
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