NVIDEA mobile gpu HELP!

I am looking at some laptops with varying graphics inside of them.
One has a 650m ddr3
One has a 640m ddr5
One has a 660m ddr5

Now from what I noticed THERE ALL THE SAME GPU just with different clock speeds :pfff:

Now i know the 650m is ddr3 but there is a ddr5 as well

What I am asking is since they are all the same gpu would it be worth it to save money and go with the 640m and overclock it to 660m or 650m clocks???

Im confussed on how this works... why would they make 3 of the exact same gpu with different names and clocks

if the 640m is overclocked will it become unstable before it can reach the performance of the other cards... do they have different TDP please help im very confussed with these new nvidea cards
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    I would not go with a gpu with ddr3 ram, choose a ddr5.

    Unless the price difference is huge, I would go with a 660m. The difference between them is that the 660m is higher binned. What this means is that in internal benchmarking, they put stress tests on each of the chips to see how high their stable voltage and frequency are. Manufacturing gpus is very inconsistent so you end up with chips that are absolutely useless and chips that are godly. They will sell off the better chips with higher stock settings as a 660m because they are able to function at those settings. The lesser chips are 650m and then 640m. So if you try to overclock a 640m, you can probably squeeze a bit more out of it, but doing so may push it past stability, and it will void the warranty.
  2. What he said get the 660m and as for using multiple skues for single chips the 690/680/670/660 all use the same chip clocked diffrently/diffrent mem bandwidth LOL so this is not unusual...

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