Acer aspire ebay. Is it a good buy?

I'm considering buying this on ebay and would like some opinions. It seems a good price considering the spec. It will be mainly used for surfing the web at home but would like to use it as a backup gaming machine (BF3, COD etc). I have a desktop but would use this when the missus is the desktop ;) so I'm not too bothered about the lower quality as long as games are playable.

If URL doesn't work basic specs are:

Acer aspire 5755G
Intel i3 2350M
4gb RAM ddr3
Nvidia gt 630m
500gb hdd

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  1. Acer is not that good =-=
  2. Acer sux the Dee and overheats (from my experience and heard)
  3. can you recommend a manufacturer, please
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