Refurbished Vid Cards?

After coming to disturbing realization that my XP 2200+ with GeForce Ti 4200 with 512 PC2700 RAM just doesn't cut it anymore (HL2, Rome:Total War, Far Cry, etc), I've accepted the grim reality that an upgrade is necessary.

After doing some initial pricing, going to go with probably:

AMD64 3200+
Corsair 512MB PC3200 x 2
<insert video card>

Right now I'm uncertain on a video card, but leaning toward's ATI's Radeon9800PRO, but they are (at retail) at least $200 for a decent 128MB w/256bit RAM. However, I have found the following:

which lists at $149, but was wondering what everyone's experience is with buying refurbished vid cards or maybe point in the direction of a better alternative. What bothers me though is that the RAM speed and proc speed aren't listed, which means they probably don't want people to know and do the guess work (right?)

If possible, I would like to keep vid card expenditures under $200 while also maximizing the improvment from my current GeForce 4200 Ti AGP8x. Suggestions welcomed/encouraged.
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  1. There ok but just remember that refurbised products are sold as-is with exception of the vendors RMA policy.

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  2. Sapphire's 9800 PROs are pretty good, and the picture shows a model with the full 256-bit memory interface... getting a 128-bit memory interface is the only thing I'd really worry about. Otherwise, Sapphire's 9800 PRO's are clocked properly, they actually made most of Ati's 9800 PROs.

    Warranty is probably the only thing you should worry about. Frankly, if the lesser warranty is worth the $50 or so savings, then I advise you to go for it.

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  3. Oh wow... what do you make of this?

    256MB AGP8x and 256bit interface for 239
  4. Far too expensive for a used version. I believe that card used to cost around $250 NIB. If you want passive cooling then it's a good solution, and the 256MB is nice, but I think that's a bit excessive for a 9800 Pro.

    AGP versions of <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> are starting to show up. I don't know about XFX, but other OEMs will be shipping theirs any day.

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