How do you get computer onto tv

I have a dell laptop that we want to convert whats on laptop to our tv. Computer does not have hdmi connection. Does an inexpensive $10 convertor cord do the trick?
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  1. You can pull out an HDMI signal from a single or dual link DVI-I connector. You cannot passively convert a VGA signal into an HDMI signal, you will need an active converter, these are finicky at best.
  2. There are probably devices that will do what you want, but as Pinhedd mentioned they won't do a very good job (unless you spend a lot of money). I think most HDTVs support D-Sub (VGA), so if you have that input you're fine.

    Also, if you want to get a clear answer, what type of television do you have? HDTV, tube/CRT, etc.
  3. You need something like this - if all you have is VGA out
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