Need Help Picking A Laptop

1. What is your budget? 1500-2000 USD

2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6 or 17.3

3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920 x 1080

4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? desktop replacement

5. How much battery life do you need? 2-3 hours would be ideal

6. Do you want to play games with your laptop? If so then please list the games that you want to with the settings that you want for these games. (Low,Medium or High)? css, crossfire, LoL, i would like to try some newever games that i cant currently play on my 5 year old desktop.

7. What other tasks do you want to do with your laptop? (Photo/Video editing, Etc.) i would like to learn some basic video edting with sony vegas, cs5, after effects, ext.

8. How much storage (Hard Drive capacity) do you need? 750gb at the low end, i can always pick up a 1T exterior hd

9. If you are considering specific sites to buy from, please post their links. The only one that i know of is newegg. but it doesnt really matter to me.

10. How long do you want to keep your laptop? I'm going into sophomore year in HS, so ideally i would like to upgrade at the end of my senior year for collage.

11. What kind of Optical drive do you need? DVD ROM/Writer,Bluray ROM/Writer,Etc ? just basic dvd

12. Please tell us about the brands that you prefer to buy from them and the brands that you don't like and explain the reasons. i really like MSI, ive been buying it for years and in there new lines of laptops i really like typing with there new keyboards and the track pad is also very nice to use. I know this from testing out my friends. but im open to other companies.

13. What country do you live in? USA!!

14. Please tell us any additional information if needed.

i currently have a 9500GT in sli with an intel core 2 quad cpu at 2.66

the reason i need a laptop over a desktop is that my parents are getting split and i don't want to limit myself to only using the computer at certain houses, since i need it for school + bullshit + some games haha

I'm debating ether to get a 670M or 675M or 680M in the laptop, but im leaning twords 680M since its a lot better than the others, so it will hopefully last 3+ years.

one question that i have is how much of a performance increase will i see compared to my current desktop?

here is some laptops that look appealing
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  1. BUMP!!!!

    STill looking for some help! :bounce:
  2. For a desktop replacement laptop, I would recommend 17" instead of 15". I personally found 15" to be a little too small for comfort. If you still wish to choose a 15" laptop, I would suggest going for a lower resolution and a lower graphics card since 15" screens really don't make good use of 1920x1080. Something like a 560m would be good enough for 15".

    For your requirements, I would recommend this one:

    It's only $1300. You can save a lot of money by going for a 670m instead of a 680m. The 670m will still be able to max out almost every game. I wouldn't put too much into maxing graphics settings on a laptop since 17" doesn't make too good use of max details anyways. It on full size desktop screens that max settings start to look a lot more comfortable than high settings.
  3. could anyone give me a rough estimation of how much of a % increase i will see with any of the msi i7 3610M and 675M and 680M gpu's

    compared to my 9500 in 2 way sli and core 2 duo
  4. Quote:
    I don't know about SLI but there is no use for it for things you've requested.
    The difference between the 680M and 675M could get as high as 50%:

    But you can save these 500$ that will be worth much more 5 years from now. As I told you, the 675M is a very powerful GPU anyway.

    i see what you mean,

    so now ive set my mind on a 675M, now i just need to find the perfect laptop

    1650 before $ 100 discount

    so its 1550 after discount

    if i can sell the x-box for $ 150 on the low end and $ 200 on the high end

    i could only pay around $1400 for an awesome laptop!
  6. i also have a question, would it be worth it to re-apply a better thermal paste onto the gpu and cpu in the msi laptop that i linked above?
  7. You are better off not voiding your warranty regardless of skill, a lot of things can go wrong with the laptop within the first year. Even after that I wouldn't recommend it, other things tend to die before the GPU/CPU would unless the cooling is really really bad. Even more so If you have not taken apart laptops before.

    The only Time I ever replaced the thermal gunk on a laptop I made it worse by not paying enough attention to the thickness of the stuff I was replacing.
  8. check this site out some really good cheap laptops here
  9. Where do you get the questionaire thing sorry for asking but i want to do the questionaire thing cause i'm looking for my first laptop. Thanks
    sorry i found it lol
  10. I am currently looking at a new laptop/desktop myself. I came across this laptop in my search.
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