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Is the Razer Blade worth it?

:o I'm Wondering ifs worth getting and if it can run everything (doesn't have to be max settings with 70+ fps)

-Seems that a other brand laptop with close specs are cheaper
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    Short answer, no.

    As you mentioned there are other brands out there that provide cheaper, more powerful and newer tech than the Blade.

    The Blade is almost 2 years too late on the market.
  2. if its the one with teh gtx 555m, according to toms, its about equivalent to a 4770 desktop gpu and a bit weaker then the more modern 660m. It can game, but depending on how much your paying for the laptop, its not exactally the best, as laptops with gtx 660m's retail for around 980$(the lenovo y580 is the most common choice in that price range)
  3. ok thanks
  4. I just want to say My Di..oh Graphics Card is bigger than yours o.O

    oh yeah the Sword umm Blade sux Might aswell get a microsoft 1890's Suitcase looking laptop with 4 inches of dust and 30 mins to load up notepad
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  6. id buy two
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