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Looking to get the HP P1000 for printing my pic's. If you got one, let me know what you think. I know hp has good print quality but its the single colour cartrige that bugs the heck out of me.. Any also know if HP is going to bring a multi cartrige system any time soon. I know they have a more expensive model with multi - cart, but it was out of my price range.

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  1. Selling computers for a living I actually wouldn't recommend buying any HP Inkjet Printer apart from the High End Series (2000, 2500, 2150, etc) since I believe that buying a product that FORCES you to waist INK is not just unreasoanble, I think its CRIMINAL, because we do know that there are printers using a seperate cartridge for every color! So, stay away from HP and Epson, although Epson might print the highest image quality available...

    I would urge you to go fo a CANON BJC-6200 or even the BJC-6500. The prints are marvelous, the drivers are good, they connect via USB and parallel ports and it features the Canon "Single Ink" technolgy, sporting seperate cartridges for every color (and, wow, they are transparent and you CAN ignore the driver warning about low amounts of ink if you have a look at the cartridge, KNOWING how much ink is left!). They even give you the option of 6 colors (CMYK+pCy+pMg)and scanner...

    Think about it!
  2. I too am looking to buy a photo printer and looked into the HP P1000 - see my separate thread post on Epson.

    First, I am a big fan of HP printers laser and inkjet. I buy a few of them a week at work. However, wanted to see what to use to replace my HP 692c at home for photo now that I have a hp laserjet 1100 now for b&w which I like.

    So I went down to Best buy armed with a compact flash and with one of *MY* 2.2 MPix landscape shots. The HPs output (plain paper only) was better than Lexmark or Cannon. But still did not do the original image justice - both color and clarity. Color - 1/2 of the sky in my pix was partly cloudy - the clouds had a pink tint which was NOT in the original. The lexmark did a much better job of trees reflected in water than the HP (however the lexmark had many other problems). The HP's water looked too pixelated and, for lack of a better word, not like liquid - you know flat and dry. Texture of stone on the HP print was better than others, but still not photo quality. I've also heard that HP use ink which has a real problem with fade as quickly as 3 to 4 months. I left an image in the back of my car for a week and it did appear to fade but I didn't have a second to compare it against...

    Based on my limited tests of this printer, nice printer but no sale. I do hope that one of the Epson's 870 will do the trick for me.
  3. That was a very important point to make about the fact that many printer companies scheme to rob consumers by forcing them to by new ink cartridges with single cartridges. I will look into the Canon line now. I heard that the Epson had the best for digital cameras but then I saw they had a problem recently and announced a recall or something.

    Any other suggestions for the best Digital Photo Rpinter out there?
  4. Well it looks like I will just hold off. I will get a burner and back up my pic's and wait the printer market out.
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  5. Good initiative with taking the camera with you, but you made a very critical mistake.

    Paper is as important as the actual printer! A 2 year old printer with high quality photo paper can produce better output then the latest and greatest printer using regular (inkjet/laserjet) paper!!!

    Next time, but a package of paper (~1$ per page) and take it with you.. and then tell us the output quality.. you'd be shocked..


    P.S. I still own an HP DeskJet 540 and am looking to get a good inkjet printer for my photo outputs from my Kodak DC-280.. I'll be either buying the Canon-8200 or Epson 870.
  6. Have you considered an Alps printer for your photo work. I understand they are unsurpassed for photo-realistic prints. They use a unique dry ink process and/or dye sublimation. They use individual cartridges for the various colors including cartridges for white, gold and silver foil printing as well as special finish cartridges for photos. The colors will not fade or smudge and are dry as soon as it hits the paper. I've been considering one myself. The color cartridges run around $7-$8 each I think. Check ebay or for more info if you're interested.
  7. You may well be right ... but my question has to do with the ink in your tests. Was that the standard ink that is delivered with the printer? My Canon BJC 6000 uses different grades of ink for regular printing than photo printing.
    Like the other guy said. The paper makes a difference too. Make sure you know what sizes of photo paper your new printer will handle. I bought some 4x6 inch that my HP622c would not handle.
    We proved that using the correct paper was important making Tshirts with a Lexmark 1000 on Epson Tshirt paper and and HP 622c on HP Tshirt paper. You can see the difference immediately...upon application on the Tshirt and six months later. Each step of the process shows a larger gap in quality.
    My HP 622c got put on the shelf because the color cartridge has not ink level indicators. Once any one color is shot, that cartridge is done and I do not yet trust the cartrige refill kits.

    I have not yet bought the photo ink for my canon BJC6000 because a full load of b/w and the colors to do my next Tshirt would cost me more than I paid for my last Lexmark (1000 or 1100) and the Canon BJC6000 combined.
    We find ourselves still buying printers because the ink that comes with the printer usually is cheaper when sold with the printer than separately. The last few printers (Lexmark (1000 and 1100) and the Canon BJC6000) were bought new for under $15.00 each including tax after rebates and promotional discounts. Lexmark color ink is about $30.00+ Black and white is not much less.
    The Lexmark 1100 has better (tighter) pixels than the 1000. Both are single cartidrige (color or b/w) units...bummer.
    The Canon BJC 6000 is a b/w carrier plus a separate carrier for color. Both carriers are in the printer at the same time. There is a diffent carrier for photo than regular printing.
    I will probably breakdown and buy the photo ink after my June vacation because I will be using a digital camera only for my vacation so that I can email the pics back and empty the camera. Two weeks is a long time to be toting film in summertime. I have had film colors affected by summer heat.
    But who knows? I may get the color ink sooner if a certain HMO continues to refuse to pay for my prescriptions.

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